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We offer a wide range of video projectors for you to choose from DLP and LCD to laser projectors, 4k, short throw, and more. Includes large format projectors with interchangeable lenses for large venue applications including projection mapping and multi-projector blends from reliable brands such as Panasonic and Espon. With full-service delivery and on-site support. Not only in projection but also in related fields such as LED Video walls and Cameras. We’re here to assist you in bringing your every idea to life, whether they’re daily projects or exceptional achievements.

PT-EZ770E 6.500LM

PT-RZ770 7.000LM

PT-RZ970 9.000LM

PT-RQ13K 10.000LM

EB-L1505U 12.000LM

EB-L1755U 15.000LM

EB-PU2220B 20.000LM

PT-RQ35K 30.000LM

PT-RQ50K 50.000LM


At Avrental247, we don’t just provide services; we craft extraordinary experiences. Whether it’s a corporate gathering in Madrid, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, or a lavish celebration in Valencia, our Event AV Services and Scenic Rentals amplify your vision. Let us be your partners in curating events that redefine the standard. Contact us today to embark on a journey of innovation and creativity, where every moment becomes a masterpiece. Your vision, our expertise – together, we create magic event.