86 inch Touch Display rental

The TE8614MIS-B1AG is an extraordinary 4K UHD interactive display setting a new standard for innovation and performance. With a host of advanced features like a Zero Airgap LCD screen eliminating parallax, accurate PureTouch-IR+ with Palm Rejection, iiWare 11 with Android 13, Wifi, and the iiyama (DMS) Device management platform. Share wirelessly more easily than ever before with iiyama Share and EShare app, bringing effortless ideation and efficient collaboration in your enterprise or school.

Boasting a new 4K Interface with customizable User Profiles for simple login and access to your very own bespoke applications and Cloud Drives, the TE8614MIS-B1AG becomes a highly personalised device within a busy hybrid environment for multiple users. This display transforms collaboration, communication, engagement, making it a cornerstone for modern workplaces, educational institutions, dynamic meeting spaces and beyond.

Touch screen 86 inch